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PSC-4500™ Hyper Clearcoat
PSC-4500-5™ Hyper Clearcoat is a high-solids power house that amps productivity and can be mixed to meet National Rule or Low VOC compliance; see ratios below. PSC-4500 turns around jobs faster with amazing application, fast out-of-dust times and quick assembly. Premium European technology delivers a durable, beautiful finish.PSC-4500-5 is designed for use over Pro-Spray Solvent Basecoats and Pro-Spray Waterborne Basecoats.Mix as follows for National Rule compliance- 5 parts: PSC-4500-5 Clearcoat- 2 parts: ICA-799™ thru ICA-803™ Activators. Refer to "TDSNRPSC4500" for appropriate selection.Mix as follows for Low VOC compliance- 3 parts: PSC-4500-5 Clearcoat- 1 part: PCA-451™ (Fast), PCA-452™ (Medium) or PCA-453™ (Slow) Activator. Refer to "TDSLVPSC4500" for appropriate selection.

TDS - PSC-4500 Hyper Clear (NR) -  DOWNLOAD >>

TDS - PSC-4500™ Hyper Clearcoat  DOWNLOAD >>

Sell Sheet - PS-4500 Hyper Clearcoat -  DOWNLOAD >>

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