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ICR-1401™ Fade Out Thinner
ICR-1401™ Fade Out Thinner is for use with the
Pro-Spray Intermix System.  ICR-1401 is specially
formulated for dissolving the overspray and fades out the edge created during spot repairs or blending.  This easy-to-use product delivers an invisible repair.  ICR-1401 can also be added to Pro-Spray basecoat color or clear for undetectable touch-ups or blends.

Prospray Thinners vs Commodity Thinners

The Importance of Using Prospray® Thinners vs. Commodity Thinners
Looking for a beautiful finish? Prospray Thinners are specially formulated for use with Prospray European Automotive Finishes Topcoats. Using Prospray Thinners gives you ultimate performance. When using commodity-grade or alternative solvents, problems may arise, such as:

1.  Poor Hiding, especially in white and pastel colours, can result from using
     thinners other than Prospray Thinner. Most cheap thinners do not properly
     dilute automotive grade pigments, creating a cloudy film that takes several
     extra coats to cover. In some instances, certain toners may not dilute properly
     resulting in a colour change.
2.  Dark / Dirty Metallics and Pearls. Cheap thinners inadequately dilute the paint
     film and dries the film too quickly. As a result, Prospray basecoat metallics
     and pearls do not have time to orient properly in the film, causing dark and
     dirty colours.
3.  Rough Edge Blends. Have you noticed a rough blend edge or halo when using
     cheap thinner? You get what you pay for. Cheap thinners contain high levels of
     acetone and other inexpensive fast solvents that do not allow the basecoat to
     lay down properly.
4.  Aggressive Basecoats / Lifting. Cheap thinners utilize inexpensive and
     aggressive solvents that, in some cases, can cause improperly cured 2K primer
     or sensitive substrates to lift.

Why risk losing your reputation and time for a few pennies?
The first time any of these problems occur, you have cost your shop more than the savings on 20-30 jobs using commodity thinners.
Use Prospray Thinners for proven results time after time.


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