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Specialty Products
R-6028™ Basecoat Blender
R-6028™ Basecoat Blender easily fades and blends basecoats; even metallics won’t darken at the blend point.  Eliminate dry patchy edges and visible repairs.
R-6028 can also be used as a protective clear for artwork tape outs on basecoats.

Basecoat Color
Pro-Spray Basecoat Color delivers premium European performance, accurate color match and high strength and hiding power for coverage ...

Tech Tip
Colours with  large amounts of metallics or pearls are simple to blend using R-6028 Basecoat Blender.  Use as a ‘wet bed’ or in the last coat of  colour…or both!

Tech Data Sheet - R-6028 Basecoat Blender - English  DOWNLOAD >>

Tech Data Sheet - R-6028 - Spanish  DOWNLOAD >>

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