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Single Stage Color
Pro-Spray Single Stage Color delivers premium European performance, accurate color match and high strength and hiding power for coverage in fewer coats. Single Stage Color utilizes the Pro-Spray Intermix System with SCB-408 Single Layer Binder and SCB-673 Single Layer Adjuster to provide a full range of compliant solid and metallic single stage colors.

ICA Series Activators
Pro-Spray ICA-Series™ Activators are manufactured from premium-grade materials and are designed to work exclusively with Pro-Sp...
ICR-1690 Series™ Thinners
ICR-1690 Series™ Thinners are manufactured from premium, virgin-grade solvents and are designed to work exclusively with Pro-Sp...

Shaking Toners and Binders

Helpful Tip: We always recommend shaking new mixing toners and engine bay binders before putting them on the mix bank. Why? Because products can 'appear' different after sitting on the shelf and poor mixing prior to the first use can alter the strength of the toner for later mixes. Simply put the unopened toner or engine bay binder on a paint shaker and agitate for a minimum of five (5) minutes.

This rule also applies to PSE Series Xirallics; shake well before use.


Tech Data Sheet - Single Stage Color - English  DOWNLOAD >>

Tech Data Sheet - Single Stage Color - Spanish  DOWNLOAD >>

Thinner/Activator Chart  DOWNLOAD >>
Chart - National Rule Topcoats  DOWNLOAD >>

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