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A-540™ & A-542™ 2K Wet on Wet Sealer

A-540 & A-542Wet on Wet Sealers are fast drying, high quality, two-component acrylic urethane sealers and versatile because they can be mixed two ways; for product compliance in low 2.1 VOC (3:1:1) areas and for National Rule (2:1:15%) areas.

Use these sealers under Pro-Spray Single Stage, H2O Waterborne Solventborne systems.

          - A-540 (Gray)
          - A-542 (White)

Refer to appropriate Technical Data Sheets for mixing and application information.

Tech Data Sheet - A-540 & A-542 (NR) - English  DOWNLOAD >>

Tech Data Sheet - A-540 & A-542 (Low VOC) - French  DOWNLOAD >>

Tech Data Sheet - A-540 & A-542 (NR) - Spanish  DOWNLOAD >>

Tech Data Sheet - A-540 & A-542 (Low VOC) - English  DOWNLOAD >>

Chart - National Rule Undercoats  DOWNLOAD >>
Chart - Low VOC Undercoats  DOWNLOAD >>

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