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2.8 VOC Single Stage Colors
2.8 VOC Single Stage Colors utilize the current Pro-Spray Intermix System, a low VOC binder combined with low VOC activators, and an exempt thinner to provide a full range of compliant solid and metallic colors.

        - CSS-3500   Low VOC Single Layer Binder
        - PCA-551 (Slow), PCA-552 (Medium) or PCA-553 (Fast)   Low VOC Activators
        - PCR-1770   VOC-Exempt Solvent

PCR-1770™ & PCR-1772™ (Slow) Exempt Solvents
PCR-1770 and PCR-1772 (Slow)&nb...

Tech Data Sheet - 2.8 VOC SS - French  DOWNLOAD >>

Tech Data Sheet - 2.8 VOC SS - Spanish  DOWNLOAD >>

2.8 VOC Single Stage Colors  DOWNLOAD >>

Chart - Low VOC Topcoats  DOWNLOAD >>

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