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PSC-8500™ H.S. Urethane Clearcoat

PSC-8500™ is a versatile, high-gloss, two-component, acrylic clearcoat. PSC-8500's fast setting and through drying give you a superior combination of outstanding appearance and productivity. Due to its high-build power, high gloss, flow, durability and ease of use, PSC-8500 is suitable for all top-quality overall, spot and panel finishes. This clearcoat resists shrinkage and dieback and retains its glossy appearance whether baked or air dried. And with advanced UV filters and absorbers, your finishes keep their beauty longer.

National Rule compliant.

Mix as follows:
   - 2 Parts ClearcoatPSC-8500™
- 1 Part Activator:  ICA-799™ (Extra Slow),
                    ICA-800™ (Slow), ICA-801™ (Normal),
               ICA-802™ (Express)
or ICA-803™ (Rapid)
   - up to 10% Thinner ICR-1692™, ICR-1693™,
                                  ICR-1694™ or ICR-1695™

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