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Precise Colour Matching

When you’re working with colour, precision is vital. Prospray offers a powerful, easy-to-use set of tools that will help you accurately colour match.

Having trouble matching the right colour? Our online support is among the best in the industry. Simply fill in our online Colour Service Form (CSF) and our global colour specialists will send you the answer– wherever you are.

Fast reliable service

However experienced you are, there are times when you need help. Maybe you can’t find the perfect colour match. Or maybe you need advice on how best to use Prospray products. Whatever your query, our knowledgeable experts are at hand to help.

A wide range of colour tools

5-angle Spectrophotometer
The Spectrophotometer is a quick and precise tool for an exact colour match. The time saving tool measures colour and links it to an extensive database. It’s easy to calibrate and Prospray’s colour experts conduct ongoing research, adding add information to the database every day. Weekly updates ensure that the latest information is always at your fingertips.

Valspar Color Box
Our Valspar Color Box helps you select an accurate colour match, first time and every time. Offering thousands of colours, expertly organised, it will enable you to find the right colour faster. All formulas are available on Prospray’s Colour Retrieval System.

Valspar Color Information Maps
The Valspar Color Information Maps makes it easier to match colours. Available in two different colour books, each chip is sprayed with Valspar Automotive paint to accurately depict the applied finish.



Five angles - Takes measurements from five angles. The five angle readings improve the accuracy and efficiency of the colour matching algorithms – meaning users will get a closer match, faster. The additional angles also future-proof the spectrophotometer, as we update our database to five angle readings.

New software - Comes with all-new software, which can use several precision algorithms to find the best colour match: Search and Correct and Search and Interpolate. A comprehensive update brings improved efficiency and increased functionality, also note that new algorithms have been added specifically for effect colour corrections.

Touch screen and stylus - Working with the new unit is now far more intuitive thanks to the inclusion of a touch screen and stylus, like those available on leading smartphones.

Lens cover - Following customer requests, an in-built lens cover has been designed to prevent damage or dust when the unit is not in use.

Pro-FIT Colour Retrieval System

The Pro-FIT Colour Retrieval System gives access to a large range of formulations for precise and perfect colour matching. With over 68 quality toners, the streamlined portfolio is storage efficient without compromising on the quality of the finish.

To download Pro-FIT – register as a user on ValsparAutoSupport, by registering as a user you will get automatic notifications on new formulations and updates to the system as soon as they are published.