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It’s pretty simple - colour either matches or it doesn’t. We pride ourselves in delivering precise colour matching for invisible repair with colour. Whether National Rule or low VOC, Prospray Finishes offers premium solutions and outstanding colour, all within a fully-integrated system. Combine Navigator with the 282,000 formulas in the ProSpray PaintXpert™ software and you've got an easy-to-use, powerful set of tools that delivers satisfaction to customers all over the world

Navigator® Precision Colour Selection System

The Navigator Precision Colour
Selection System provides more than
5,700 of the most popular domestic
and import colours expertly organized
chromatically. Chips include engine
bay clours. All formulas are also
available on Prospray Finishes'
PaintXperttm Colour Software.

PaintXpert Software

Our user-friendly Windows-based PC
software package supporting
Prospray Finishes paint gives
multi-users access to over 280,000
colour formulations for domestic and
import formulas. With access right
here, right now, you can compare,
create, and store variances, plus
track inventory via an easy-to-use

Choose from three subscription levels:


PaintXpert SYNC: Online access to formulas and real-time updates

PaintXpert LIVE:  Access formulas using a CD ROM and download ongoing updates directly from the site

PaintXpert OFFLINE:  Access formulas via CD ROM exclusively and receive updates quarterly on CDs

Color Tinting Guide

The ultimate roadmap to using Prospray Finishes

Understanding Color Matching

Best practices for Color Matching 

Color Book

Download the Prospray color book