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Give your customers the right results every time with a complete system you can trust. Backed by one of the world’s largest coatings manufacturers, the Prospray system delivers quality products and streamlined processes, providing the performance needed to drive business success.

Offering solutions for the future

At Prospray we are driven to get things right and that means continually investing in innovative solutions that increase efficiencies. When you choose Prospray, you choose a system with a passion for perfection. Our clever solutions are designed for precision and productivity to help body shops succeed, not just today but also in the future.

Pro-FIT Colour Retrieval System

The Pro-FIT Color Retrieval System will further improve your business by providing a more intuitive and user-friendly system which you can quickly access the very latest colour formulations.

The improved interface makes it easier to navigate through our library of colours, and range of formulations for precise and perfect colour matching. Pro-FIT is also compatible with the Valspar Colour Box, the integration is the latest part of our dedication to give you quality solutions that complement our product offering.

Instruments for Mastery

Our story begins nearly three decades ago in Cambridgeshire, England, when the elite minds of European refinishing technology partnered with the world’s foremost pigment and resin manufacturers and asked, “If we could create the perfect paint line, what would it look like?” The answer: Prospray. A new breed of Paint Company set on one goal: to deliver supremely refined, profitable and streamlined refinishing systems, with precise colour match and high performance products and tools.

Prospray® is a brand of Valspar Automotive, which is a subsidiary of Sherwin-Williams, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of coatings.